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Nikki Beilman

Let's Do-ula This!

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Hi everyone, I am Nikki Beilman!


   After my son was born in 2018, my passion for the birth world increased exponentially! After 3 years being a Doula, I was so grateful to have the personal experience of pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and breastfeeding. I received evidence based care with an amazing Midwife and doula in a loving, respectful way. They allowed me to birth my son on my own terms and it was EVERYTHING to me. I want to do everything I can to help my clients have this too! Despite my amazing labor, I had a difficult time with postpartum depression and anxiety, but with God's grace and the people around me I received a lot of help. Going through those postpartum challenges has given me a soft spot for preparing my clients for their own postpartum period. Having a new baby is such a gift, but becoming a new family, a parent, and relearning how to be a spouse, friend, family member, employee etc. is A LOT! 

   I have learned so much from each family I have served! I am forever changed and grateful to have been trusted in such a vulnerable space- I still cannot believe this is what God has chosen for me, So here I am living my dream! The Lord has been so gracious to lead me into this vocation, where I can use my gifts, knowledge, and personal experience to help families get their best start!

     I would LOVE to meet you and be a part of your birth story, let's set up a coffee date and chat!

I married my Middle School sweetheart in 2011, have been a Doula since 2015, and I have had the honor of being a Mama to my son, Enoch since 2018 and Silas in 2022!

   I started my Doula journey when my sister-in-law was pregnant with my nephew. She was gracious and shared the details of her pregnancy with me, and planted the seed for me to be a Doula. She invited me to a midwife appointment near the end of her pregnancy, and while I sat in the waiting room I heard a mother roaring her baby into the world over the sounds of worship music. The fierce sounds of this laboring mother melted into the first cries of her new baby, and I sat there absolutely in awe! Shortly after this my SIL had me talk with her Doula during a postpartum visit! I was clueless to the details of the birth world but I found myself asking her question after question, and I was captivated by every detail she shared with me!   

    My first birth as a  Doula was to be with my sister for the birth of my niece, Ruthie Grace. This did happen, just not how we had hoped,  because at 35 weeks gestation my sister called to tell me Ruthie's heartbeat couldn't be found. Ruthie had passed away. On May 22, 2015 I was absolutely blessed to Doula for my sister and brother-in-law as Ruthie was born. Born straight into the arms of Jesus as we like to say. Her birth was the most devastating and sweetest event of my life. Even now I continue to see the ways God is being glorified from our sweetest girls short time with us.  I am overjoyed to add that the Lord has since blessed my sister with two beautiful, healthy, living children, and I was able to attend as Doula for both!

   As hard as it was for me (and still is), being there for Ruthie’s birth opened my eyes to the beauty of labor. I had no idea how intense and beautiful the birth process could be! The interaction between parents as the contractions build, and the strength I see exhibited in birthing mothers is easily my favorite part of labor. The honor of being invited into these vulnerable birth spaces is never lost on me!


So much love and gratitude to Nikki that can’t be put into just a review! It was important to us to have not only a professional doula but someone who shared our faith and could partner with myself, my husband, and our midwife during our pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum seasons. Nikki was that completing partner for us and we are eternally grateful for her and her support! She was so amazing to go get us food at 5 am the morning of my daughters birth. She sat on our bedroom floor and enjoyed a meal with our 3 year old son so he felt comfortable through all that happened that morning. It’s a memory I hold dear. I can’t recommend her enough for families!

- Selena Milles

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Nikki Beilman

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