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3. Will you take the place of my partner/husband?

4.  How early should I hire a doula? 

5. When will my doula join me during labor?

6. Where are you located?

We are on the northeast side of DFW. Nikki is located in Royse City and Kristin is located in Rockwall/Fate. Our heart is to grow the birth community in this area, so we have focused on serving women within a 30 mile radius of Rockwall. However, if you are outside of this radius and are interested in our services please don't hesitate to reach out!

Have more questions?

We can't wait to meet you!

Nikki: 214.663.9762

Kristin: 972.322.6593

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A Doula does not replace your medical care provider. While Doulas are the perfect addition to your birth team, anything medical is not in our scope of practice.

Not at all! We serve mamas at home, birth centers, and in the hospital. No matter where or how you choose to labor, you deserve care and support. 

We hear this concern often. Fathers are a valuable part of the family, and his experience matters. We do not in any way desire to take the place of anyone in your family. In fact, we believe that those closest to you offer so much love and support during your labor. As Doulas we step in where we are needed, so if family members want to be hands on it is our pleasure to show them how to perform comfort measures. Dads, family members and Doulas make a great team! Being involved in the birth of your baby is a wonderful way to start a strong family bond, and we want to encourage those relationships! 

Now! No, but seriously, it is never too early! Our availability fluctuates and we only take a

limited number of clients per month. Also, we would love to form a relationship with you

as soon as possible!

Your Doula will join you when you need support during labor. Usually we are in close contact during early labor, and then meet you during active labor. However, there are times where support may be needed before active labor and we will be there! Many moms want to labor at home before going to the hospital or birth center. We are happy to join you at home first and then meet you at the birth location. We always say that if you feel like you need us we want to be there! Even if we go home and come back, our goal is to make you feel supported.


1. Does a doula replace a midwife? 

2. Is a doula only for natural home birth?

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